Mercy Less Waiting

Mercy Health Center announced today the addition of an Mx8000 CT imagining system, Marconi Medical Systemsí newest CT scanner, offers the most up-to-date technology and speed in radiology. This newest addition adds to Mercy Health Centerís overall imaging capabilities that are among the finest in the state. As the most significant and exciting advancement in multislice computed tomography technology to date, the CT scanning equipment offers break through speed technology and imaging quality that is second to none.

Located at Manhattanís Medical Center, 1133 College Avenue Building E, the new unit is the most advanced technology in CT scan increasing scanning times by eight times that of the conventional CT systems. Serving all outpatient appointments the new system will alleviate busy inpatient scheduling at the hospitalís College Campus providing for less waiting and more availability of appointments at both facilities to meet patients needs.

Explaining more about CT Scanning technology, Dr. Frank Lyons gave this analogy, "If you compare the body to loaf of bread a conventional CT Scan allows us to slice the bread and see the sections. The Multi-Slice CT has taken technology to new heights by slicing the bread into paper thin sections to allow for early detection and enhanced imaging for more accurate diagnosis."

While conventional CTs requires patients to hold their breath repeatedly and remain completely immobile during scanning procedures, the MX8000 Multi-Slice CT is capable of real time radiology making it possible to complete the scan in a single breath. Having the right tools for diagnosis and treatment will provide area citizens with early detection by applying advanced applications such as whole organ functional exams. Area physicians will have access to innovative technology such as Cardiac Scoring, Whole Body Computed Tomography Angiography, Multiphasic Organ Scanning creating whole organ images such as the liver, pancreas and/or kidneys in three-phases, CT Bronchoscopy/CT Colon-oscopy, virtual endoscopy screening, and isotropic imaging.

To schedule a CT, call Mercy Health Center at (785) 776-3322.