January 25, 2001

Concerns About Roundabout Will Not Change City Staffs Minds

It was predictable. Seventy-Five to Eighty percent of the citizens attending Tuesday nights Kimball and North Manhattan Avenues
roundabout workshop expressed concerns but it did not change the minds of city staff.

Public Works Director Jerry Petty was asked if all of the concerns had changed his mind. "Not one bit," Petty told the crowed.

More than fifty people attended the public workshop so the HWS Consultants could get ideas and concerns from the public.

HWS will make a report to the City Commission on February 6 and the Commission will then vote on another roundabout or signalizing the

It didn't look as if Mayor Karen McCulloh needed consultants. McCulloh dominated the conversation at one table. Commissioner Bruce
Snead attended the meeting but did not join the debate. He has said many times that the roundabout is best for the intersection. That leaves
only Commissioners Carol Peak, Roger Reitz and Ed Klimek. If one adds their vote another stupid round thing will haunt drivers for the next
thirty to forty years.

Question: How are mothers with little children at Flint Hills Place Housing (Southwest corner) going to get to Blue Hills Shopping Center
without a light? They will be crossing four lanes of traffic twice.

Your Commissioners need to hear from you.