January 25, 2001

LOB Petition Will Be Ready Friday

The Manhattan-Ogden School Board voted last week to raise the Local Option Budget (LOB) from 18.72 percent to 25 percent. That would
add another $1.5 million, for a total of $6 million in funding. The LOB is a percentage of the district's general fund.

The State of Kansas gives school districts the right to add the LOB to the amount of money they receive for the State. If a district stays at or
under the state average per student cost there can not be a challenge. If a district adds more LOB taxes than the average a protest petition
can be signed to bring the issue to a vote of the people.

The Manhattan District reached the average with 18.75 last year. The Board voted Wednesday night to go for the 25 percent by a 4-2 vote.

The mill levy for the General Fund is set by the Kansas Legislature at 20 mills. The 18.72 LOB last year added 17.144. The 25% LOB would be
23 mills for a total school tax levy in the district of 43 mills.

The Manhattan Free Press will provide LOB petitions to anyone wanting to have the issue placed on the April ballot. A petition was given to
Riley County Attorney Bill Kennedy Tuesday afternoon. Kennedy has five days to review the document. He must give his opinion that the
petition is correct before it can be circulated.

Citizens may call the Manhattan Free Press starting Friday morning to make arrangements to get the petition.