January 25, 2001

Good Candidates Running For Commission, School Board

Seven candidates have filed for three City Commission positions and six have filed for three School Board positions.

The County Clerks office will conduct a Primary Election on February 27 to cut one person for the City Commission field. The General
Election will be held April 3.

Candidates for City Commission are: Art Burgess, David L. Johnson, Mark Taussig, Brad Everett and incumbents Karen McCulloh, Carol
Peak and Roger Reitz.

Candidates for the School Board are: Milo Kelley, C. Scott Smith, Dorothy Soldan, Walt Pesaresi, Jim Shroyer and incumbent Flordie Pettis.

Beverly Eversmeyer will not run for reelection and Farhad Azadivar resigned last fall move out of state.

Spending will be a big issue in both races. The School District will be receiving less money from the state because of eight years of declining
enrollment. The City has a $58 million budget and many big ticket items on the drawing boards.