January 25, 2001

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Another Upset? Almost!

The Kansas State Basketball team has been competitive and has been showing great improvement since the beginning of the
season. On Saturday, January 20, they played the University of Oklahoma and played outstanding during the first half of the
game. The second have was a completely different story; they were a totally different ball team the second half. Kansas State had
a 32-23 lead starting the second half and shortly after the start of the 2nd period the lead official was injured and had to leave the

That is when every thing seemed to go down hill for the Cats. Kansas State couldnít pass the ball and shooting was out of the
question. The second half wasnít only sloppy for the Cats the Sooners struggled as well. There were some questionable calls in
the second half, but the officials were trying to cover as best they could with only 2 officials.

The biggest call in question was the foul with 5 seconds remaining in the game with K-State up by 2 points and Oklahomaís
Johnnie Gilbert made an offensive rebound and tried to take a shot as he was falling to the ground. One of the officials from near
center court made the call, but the foul was impossible to be seen from the replay angles. Gilbert missed the two free throws and
OU was able to rebound the second miss and put it in the basket to tie the game at 55-55. Oklahoma was able to win the game in
overtime 64-63.

K-State is becoming very competitive and should have one the game in the second half, but the Cats couldnít hold off the Sooners.

Kansas State is still doing better than expected and are working hard every game to make it very competitive. They still have a lot
of work but the progress can be seen. So donít give up on them yet!

Have a Great Wildcat weekend!