27 January 2000

City, County Agree On Need For New Industrial Park

By Jon A. Brake

It was like a fencing match without a thrust. Everyone was going around in circles but no one would use the name
of Steel and Pipe.

The Riley County Commission used the Joint Intergovernmental Meeting Monday to ask: 1. Does Riley County
and the City of Manhattan need another industrial Park. And 2. Would the Park be annexed by the City. The
Intergovernmental Meeting is where the City, County, School District and Kansas State University get together
to discuss issues which involve each government.

Target has a contract to purchase the Manhattan Steel and Pipe location on Third Street. Steel and Pipe has
about eighteen months to relocate. Riley County has been asked to help them find land in Riley County which has
Rail Road access. If land is found the company will purchase part of the land and then the County and City will
develop an Industrial Park.

At Monday's meeting the City Commissioners responded to the County's questions that the County did need
another Industrial Park and that the Commission would annex the Park into the City limits. By doing so the City
would take most of the responsibility for streets, sewer and water.

The County and Steel and Pipe have been looking at land south of the Manhattan Airport. It has a Rail Road and
access to Highway 18 and I70.

In other discussion: 1. The City asked the County and School District to join them in signing a Resolution
opposing the State moratorium on Internet Sales Taxation. The response was good and they will take the mater
back to their boards for action.

2. The City of Manhattan asked the County and School District to consider what they would do if the City were to
develop the North 3rd Street TIF District. If the District is developed the City, County and School District taxes
would stay the same for the next twenty years. Any tax on new construction would be used to develop the area.