Chris Herald Is Master Teacher Candidate

Manhattan / Ogden USD 383 announces that its 2002 Kansas Master Teacher candidate is Chris Herald. Ms. Herald is an 8th grade Physical Science teacher at Eisenhower Middle School. She received her BS degree from NY Institute of Technology in 1980 and her MA degree from Michigan State University in 1985. She has been with USD 383 since 1993.

Ms. Herald’s philosophy of education includes three main ideas:

1) Keep up to date on the latest research in education

2) Use a variety of techniques to teach

3) Make learning fun while relating the material to what the students already know.

"I like sharing my knowledge and my love of science with my students," states Ms. Herald. "If my students have fun in class, they will learn the material easier and remember it longer." Some of the activities her students get to experience throughout the year include studying the density of regular soda versus diet soda, calculating the percentage of sugar by mass in a pack of gum before and after it is chewed and building simple machines with Legos.

Each USD 383 school was asked to nominate a teacher to be their Master Teacher candidate. The district Master Teacher/Teacher of the Year committee reviewed all of the nominees and selected Ms. Herald as our district candidate. Ms. Herald is in the process of completing a notebook of her teaching experiences for the state committee in Emporia. The winners for the state of Kansas will be announced in the spring