January 4, 2001

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Gatorade 101

If you are wanting to see training during the off-season for one of the Wildcat football players you could probably find a player in action
every morning from about 5am to 9am running the K-State stadium steps. You may have also seen him running behind the KSU band bus on
the way back to Manhattan.

At the end of the Cotton Bowl game two players decided to treat Coach Snyder to a Gatorade shower. Coach Snyder handled it real good. He
had a smile on his face kind of like a cat does looking at a fishbowl when the cameras... I mean owners are watching. Coach Snyder had a grim
look at first, then a smile, and then appeared to be laughing.

The grim look was from the coldness of the shower on a cold day. The smile was when he saw that one of the players that drenched him was
a junior. The laughter was what he was going to do to the player during the off-season and the next year.

Dyshod Carter (future NFL player) and Milton Proctor (hoping to have a future) snuck up on Coach Snyder as the game clock was ticking
down to zero during the Cotton Bowl victory with a huge Gatorade container and dumped the entire contents of it on Coach Snyder. It was a
perfect dump, it dowsed him good, and it went over his head down his back and even knocked off his glasses. Not bad for a Senior and
future NFL player (Dyshod Carter), not the best choice for a Junior and future K-State strength and conditioning winner (Milton Proctor).

When and If Proctor graduates from Kansas State University he will be working with the NCAA on a freshman course requirement
"Underclassmen shouldn’t poor Gatorade on Coaches 101". He will try to make it a required course for all athletes during their freshman year
to avoid the same mistake he made.

Proctor will probably try to plead his case with Coach Snyder saying that he recovered the Tennessee on-side kick and prevented them from
getting the ball back which could have saved K-State from a last minute upset. He can even try to say Dyshod made him do it or his evil twin
possessed him. I only have one suggestion for Milton, TRANSFER, and TRANSFER NOW! I saw the look on Coach Snyder’s face, and it
wasn’t pretty!

Have a great Wildcat weekend!