06 January 00

Santa Did Not Bring Everyhing On City's List

Santa Claus did not bring the Cify of Manhattan everything they wanted this year. The City wanted Santa to work with Fort
Riley and bring them a road easement so the City could widen the Wildcat Creek Road on the west side of the Manhattan
Industrial Park and the Manhattan Airport.

They also wanted to place a new watertower on fort property but Santa did not bring that either.

Here is a letter that Santa gave City Hall from Fort Riley:

Dear Mr. Petty:

Fort Riley will not support the City of Manhattan Public Works Department's request for an additional 60-foot easement
along Wildcat Creek Road for the future expansion of such road.

Fort Riley will support your request for a waterline easement for a future 16-inch waterline, but will not support the proposed
water storage reservoir being located on Fort Riley property. The easement shall avoid existing and possible historic and
archeological sites along the proposed route, and shall be in the general vicinity of the existing easement currently held by
Riley County Rural Water district (RWD) Number 1. Coordination for the waterline easement development shall be made
with Mr. Loney Riffel, 239-6119.


Larry M. Brom, Colonel, U.S. Army, Garrison Commander