Wal-Mart Received Zoning Change
A Special City Commission was held Tuesday night for the second reading of an ordinance rezoning a 22.5 acre tract of land for a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter.
The Commission voted 5-0 to approve the new PUD zoning.
One of the big items in the conditions for the new stroe have the do with traffic.
The following traffic studies and improvements shall be provided to include:
a. At the intersection of Bluemont Avenue and Third Street the southbound left-turn lane shall be required to provide 150 feet of vehicle storage.
b. At the intersection of Bluemont Avenue and Third Street the left-turn lane shall be modified to conform to that of a standard tapered offset left-turn lane, in which traffic eastbound for left turn to northbound is tapered away from through traffic and provided an independent lane.
c. Stop bars shall be installed in the location dictated by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices at all signalized intersections, usually 15 feet back from the edge of the adjacent cross street through lane.
d. Along the segment of Bluemont Avenue between Tuttle Creek Boulevard and the realigned Frontage Road, the eastbound left-turn lane to northbound into the Wal-Mart site shall be lengthened to provide 150 feet of storage. Consequently, the westbound dual left-turn lanes shall be shortened from their plan dimension to provide about 150 feet of vehicle storage as well.
e. At all locations throughout the study area where exclusive left-turn lanes are introduced, taper designs shall be modified to provide asymmetrical reverse curves with a 400 foot radius for entry into the turning bay and a 200 foot radius for realignment within the bay.
f. The exclusive left turn bay at the northbound approach of the realigned Frontage Road approaching Bluemont Avenue shall be lengthened to provide 200 feet of vehicle storage.
g. At all locations throughout the study area where two-way left-turn lanes are utilized, the transitions between two-way left turn lanes and dedicated left-turn lanes shall conform to standard design principles as outlined in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
h. A two-way left turn lane shall be provided between the raised median island and the exclusive eastbound left-turn lane to northbound Hostetler Drive in order to allow left-turn access to both the American Legion and Harding Glass parking lots.
i. All taper rates shown along the Tuttle Creek Boulevard corridor shall be verified for conformance with the AASHTO guidelines.  In general, 8:1 rates are adequate for tapered entries to exclusive right-turn lanes, while 45:1 taper rates should be utilized for all pavement shifts.
j. All traffic improvements identified on the Preliminary Development Plan, dated August 16, 2002; as modified above in 6(a)-6(i), both within and adjacent to the PUD boundary, shall be provided; and, all traffic improvements identified in the Traffic Study submitted by Peters & Associates Engineers, Inc, dated September 6, 2002, shall be provided.