October 12, 2000

OU-KSU Game Preview

Are you ready for some real exciting football? This weekís game will feature two top ten teams battling to stay in the race for
the national championship. Both teams are very explosive and could put up big numbers, but on the other hand, both teams
also feature very efficient defenses that can shut opponents down.

Coach Bob Stoops, Mike Stoops, Brent Venables, and Mark Mangino are all former coaches of Kansas State and are
looking to show Bill Snyder, their mentor, what they had learned while coaching under him. In the two years they have been
at OU they have turned a dormant program into an up and coming powerhouse. They have done a fabulous job and deserve
a ton of credit for their efforts. They are 5-0 conf. 2-0 for the season thus far and are going to put a lot of stock into this
game to come out 6-0 if they can.

Both teams have tremendous quarterbacks that can pick defenses apart and can hit the opponent with the big play. Beasley
and Heupel are two of the best quarterbacks in the nation, Beasley has a little more threat on the ground and Heupel has a
little more threat with the pass. Heupel is an extremely accurate passer that seems to get a little flustered with constant
pressure from the defense and is not a big threat to run, but he knows how to sucker the defensemen and pull them away
from his drop off man. Beasley has shown that he is sure footed when pressured and can rush for 5 to 10 yards if he needs to
get away from defenders. He does get flustered at times and tries to force a pass to receivers that are well covered, but he is
getting a lot better on those choices.

KSU and OU are fairly equal with the running backs. All have good moves and can make defenders miss at the blink of an

K-State should have the advantage with the receivers. Morgan, Lockett and Wesley are just tremendous and very hard to
cover. These three could be the game deciders. OUís secondary will have a hard time keeping up with Morgan and Lockett,
and then if Wesley is added at the same time, one will get open. There could be a lot of pass interference penalties during the
game on both teams.

K-Stateís defense will have to put constant pressure every down on OUís Heupel if they want to keep him from racking up
some big numbers. If K-State plays a conservative defense Heupel will make them regret it. If he is given anytime at all he
will deliver a strike to the receivers and march down the field for 7 points. Texas didnít put near enough pressure on Heupel
and he made them pay with huge numbers.

This game should be a lot of fun with both teams having so much riding on it.

Prediction: K-State 35  OU 17