October 12, 2000

Sports Update

OU Fans are “Fan”tastic – Not!

I have been looking forward to this week’s match up for two years now. If you are unaware, I have lived in Oklahoma City
for the last 12 years. When I first moved to Oklahoma, Kansas State was at rock bottom with their football program. When
I would meet new friends here in “Okie land” the subject of football was almost certain to come up. They would always ask
what college football team I liked. I would tell them that I have always been a K-State fan, especially since I was from
Manhattan. The Oklahoma State fans were very understanding and new what it was like to root for a team that was down on
their luck. But, the so-called “SOONER” fans were the most obnoxious people I had ever met. They would just start
rambling on and on about how terrible those “Mildcats” are and how Barry Switzer rules the world. Then they found out that
the NCAA was of a different world. A few NCAA sanctions later Gary Gibbs was to be the second coming of Switzer until
he lost a game, then two, and so on… It got so bad that these wonderful fans parked a U-Haul truck in front of his house
and put up a “For Sale” sign in his yard, not to mention the spitting, booing, and cussing that Gibbs endured while not even
having a losing season. In 1993 OU lost to K-State and broke a 22 game win streak against the Wildcats. They did have a
good excuse; it was too cold for the OU players during the game. Well, K-State did have the warm side of the field each
quarter. Then they brought in Howard Schnellenberger who promised a national championship his first year at OU (I loved
it). Fans were hopping, skipping, and jumping just like when Switzer was there until the losses came. He was on the next
gypsy wagon out of town after only one year. Barry Switzer then recommended John Blake to take over the coaching duties.
Blake’s first year there he gave the Sooners their first losing season in 30 years and 3 losing seasons in a row. Fans were
saying that John Blake couldn’t park his car in his garage because some idiot painted an end zone in front of it and he
couldn’t figure out how to get it in.

While OU was getting worse, K-State was getting better, a lot better. OU fans couldn’t stand it. They said Coach Snyder
had to be doing everything illegal, because nobody can turn a program around over night. But now they claim it is possible,
now that Bob Stoops is coach and is bringing them back to national exposure over night.

Every year that they had gotten a new coach the trash talk would start back about how they’re going to be national champs
real soon. This year is worse than most, because they actually have some wins.

Needless to say, I look forward to the KSU-OU game every year and just pray that K-State comes out victorious when
they play.

Go Wildcats!