October 14, 1999

By Ben E. Brake

Kansas State football team had their 7th annual hawk roast last Saturday.
The Wildcats were serving 52,254 cat fans,  the largest crowd ever at a
sports event in Kansas.
Jonathan Beasley was serving up prairie fowl as the main dish. Beasley had
the fire stoked up a little high, he burned several hawks right to the
bone. Quincy Morgan and Aaron Lockett were in charge of the cutting and
slicing of the burnt meat, once they cut around the burnt parts they were
Mark Simineau and Darren Howard were in charge of the poultry plucking.
They didn’t pluck in the traditional fashion, they believed that a lot of
momentum deep in the mass of the hawk would cause an instantaneous reaction
that would allow the feathers to just fall to the ground. After this
procedure gutting was not necessary.
The trick to having a cookout of this magnitude is to have enough hawk to
go around. They were able to lure a lot of the hawks with chicken feed
attached to the belly of BIG Joe Hall. When Hall would run through the
middle of the flock he would just run right over them. The coaches would
chastise on Hall occasion when he would come out of a pile with feathers
hanging from his mouth. He had to be told several times that they were for
the guests.
David Allen was scheduled to serve the NCAA record pie for desert, but was
not able to get his hands on the ingredients that he needed. He will try to
have the ingredients available at the next outing.

The Wildcats also provided the entertainment. They were called “We Throw
Yellow Hankys For No Reason” group. The 18 yellow flags and 162 yards in
penalties (both KSU records) were not their fault. The blame would have to
be put on the staff of the Kansas State University that would not allow
them to bring their guide dogs onto the field of play.
Have a great day!