City Of Manhattan Agrees To Help County Whigh K-18 Study

The Manhattan City Commission voted Tuesday night to pay $10,000 to help Riley County on a K-18 Study. Here is the Memo: BACKGROUND

Last year, City and County officials worked together to submit a proposal to the Kansas Department of Transportation for funding for the realignment and upgrade of K-18 from Westport Road in Manhattan west to the Ogden interchange. That proposal was not funded.

Meanwhile, the Kansas Department of Transportation is moving forward with plans to upgrade K-18 from the 12th Street Ogden exit to I-70. This project will widen K-18 in that area to a four-lane section.

The portion of the K-18 project which was un-funded remains a high priority for the region. With that in mind, Riley County has taken the lead in hiring BG Consultants to complete a study of the alignment alternatives for the K-18 project. The cost for the study is $100,000.


At the Joint City/County Meeting held on September 20, 2001, County officials requested that the City consider a financial contribution to the study.

In order to determine an appropriate level of contribution, City Administration calculated the frontage area of the Manhattan Regional Airport along K-18. Often, benefit district costs are assessed utilizing this method and so it was thought that this would be a good method to determine a fair allocation of costs. The analysis revealed that approximately 10% of the K-18 frontage is owned by the City, therefore, 10% of the cost or $10,000 was arrived at as a possible contribution level. There are funds available in the General Fund from Capital Improvement Programs savings. It is suggested that the contribution be paid from those savings.

City Administration plans to remain involved in the study. For example, Jerry Petty attended a meeting on Tuesday, October 10 with County officials, KDOT representatives and the consultant to begin discussions about the study.


It appears the Commission has the following alternatives concerning the issue at hand. The Commission may:

1. Authorize a $10,000 contribution to Riley County to be utilized to complete a study regarding the future alignment of K-18.

2. Deny funding support for the project.

3. Modify or develop alternatives if other concerns or factors arise to meet the needs of the Commission.

4. Table the request.


The K-18 project remains a high priority for local officials in Manhattan. The City has great interest in the future alignment and upgrade of K-18 specifically as it relates to City property, including the Manhattan Regional Airport and the Manhattan Corporate Technology Park. In addition, this corridor is a key area for future growth of the community. Therefore, City Administration recommends that the City Commission authorize a $10,000 contribution to the County for the purposes of completing a study regarding the future alignment of K-18.


Authorize a $10,000 contribution from savings in the Capital Improvements Program to Riley County to be utilized to complete a study regarding the future alignment of K-18.