KSU Opens Online Athletic Store

The Kansas State Athletic Department is proud to announce the opening of its official on-line store. Fans and shoppers can go to www.k-statesports.com and click the KSU Team Fan Shop icon to enter.

"The on-line store will have a unique athletic department feel to it," said Bob Cavello, associate athletics director for business operations. "We will offer a wide range of NIKE sideline gear, including several authentic team items. There will also be a significant variety of items that we think fans will enjoy."

The company that is managing the on-line store has many Kansas State ties. Collegiate Marketing (CMS) of Overland Park, Kan., was founded by K-Staters Jeff Grantham and Steve Ballard. CMS also manages the on-line store for the University of Oklahoma, which shattered every collegiate Internet sales record last year.

"We are excited about the opportunity to work with K-State," said Grantham.

"Our company will offer fans around the world a wide selection of the top K-State products."

Grantham also said that although a number of Internet companies have struggled in recent years, their business has thrived.

"I think it is a combination of a fanís access to products, marketing, and knowing what you are doing," Grantham said. "We have excelled in a market where others are fail ing, so we must be doing something right."