October 19, 2000

Sports Update

K-State is Down, but Not Out!

The loss to Oklahoma over the weekend hurt Kansas State’s chances for a national title, but it did not eliminate all hope. For
Kansas State to get back into the race for the title a few things need to happen. Nebraska needs to beat Oklahoma in
Norman by a small margin so OU will be just ahead of K-State in the polls, All unbeaten teams need to be beaten to increase
K-State’s chances, K-State needs to have a big win over Nebraska, K-State needs to win each game by at least 21 points
(for the BCS), and Kansas State needs to have a rematch with Oklahoma in the Big Twelve Championship game and win

If Nebraska goes to Norman, Oklahoma and hands OU a loss by a small margin it should keep Nebraska at #1 in the polls
for when KSU plays them in Manhattan and OU in the top 10. K-State will need to deliver a knockout blow to the #1
Huskers on November 11, which should put K-State in the Big Twelve Championship game to play OU if both teams win
out the rest of the season. In the mean time, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Miami (FL), and Florida need to receive
a loss and K-State will need to have wins by at least 21 points for the BCS which comes out on October 23. Last but not
least, K-State needs to beat Oklahoma in the Big Twelve Championship game with hopes of playing Florida State, Virginia
Tech, or Miami (FL) in the Orange Bowl on January 3, 2001. The strength of schedule should not be too big of a problem
with the games KSU has to play the rest of the season and if they play in the Big Twelve Championship game.

If there are no unbeaten teams in the nation and K-State has wins over Nebraska and Oklahoma to rectify their one loss, it
should put them in a formidable position. Playing Nebraska unbeaten in mid-November would be better than playing
undefeated OU on December 2. A win over Oklahoma on December 2, could be too late to move up to #1 or #2 in the
BCS. A win over unbeaten Nebraska will give K-State a few weeks to move up in the polls when the other conferences will
have their big games.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that K-State will be selected for the Orange Bowl, but the chances would
be increased considerably. But, all K-State fans know not to rely too highly on the BCS. This just might be the third year in a
row that K-State gets the shaft from the BCS.

Have a Great Wildcat Day!