October 19, 2000

Oklahoma vs. K-State Game Review

OU- 41      KSU- 31
Josh Heupel and Kansas State beat Kansas State this weekend. That is not to take anything away from Oklahoma for their win over KSU. They played a very good game and were very impressive. On the other hand, K-State shot themselves in the foot and limped through the ball game.
Oklahoma played a better game than Kansas State on Saturday, but they may not be a better team. Josh Heupel was very impressive and is an excellent quarterback. He also has some very good receivers that made some incredible catches.
KSU quarterback Jonathan Beasley did a fine job, his numbers didnít look that good because of numerous dropped passes from two of the best receivers in the country. Several times in 3rd down situations receivers Lockett and Morgan were wide open. Beasley hit them right in the numbers with a nice pass only to have them drop the ball and the team was forced to punt. K-State was able to run the ball very effectively, but when they got so far down they were forced to pass. The passing game was very inconsistent.
Kansas States defense had their worst performance of the season allowing 41 points during the game. They did not seem mentally ready for the game. There were several times when OU was set on offense and KSU was still trying to find their positions on defense. Tackling was another story. The K-State coaches are probably still trying to add up all the missed tackles on defense. There were so many times that the Sooners could have been held to little or no gain, but the defense failed to complete the tackle. OU does get credit for being very elusive to get away from the defenders.
K-State did make it exciting for awhile in the 4th quarter and came back within 7 points but was unable to capitalize on a drive.
One of the best plays only went for one yard. In the second quarter K-State was looking at a 3rd and 1 situation, Jonathan Beasley ran a quarterback sneak to the right of the center, tucking his head down and forcing his way through the middle of the pile. Jonathan did a great impersonation of a fox squeezing through chicken wire to get in a hen house. He ran for 45 yards until finally being chased down by a defender at the 10-yard line and then found out that a referee had blown the play dead which appeared to be premature. They did give him forward progress to gain the first down but eventually had to punt later in the drive.
The officials have the toughest job on the field. Sometimes it seems that they are watching a different game than the one being played on the field, but to their defense they donít have the privilege of instant replay to rectify any of their mistakes. Besides, once the whistle is blown the play is stopped regardless if it is a mistake or not.
OU played a better game and K-State had an off day with a lot of mistakes. Kansas State needs to put the game behind them and play their heart out for the rest of the season if they want to stay in the national title hunt. The chances are a lot slimmer now but there is still hope.