Air Midwest Receives Three Month Airport Rent Deferment

Mesa Air Group, Inc. owners of Air Midwest, the airline that services Manhattan has requested and received a three-month deferment for landing fees and rent at Manhattan Regional Airport.

City Manager Ron Fehr told the City Commission last week that he had approved the $9,000 deferment. Fehr said the request was made because of the September 11th attack and the grounding of all planes.

Here is the letter from Fehr:

October 12, 2001

Mr. Jonathan G. Ornstein

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mesa Air Group, Inc.

Dear Mr. Ornstein:

I am in receipt of your letter in which you request a three-month deferment for landing fees and rent. I recognize that the impact of the September 11th attacks significantly affected Mesa’s financial health as it did all airlines nationwide. The ripple effect of this impact is felt in Manhattan also.

The City of Manhattan is willing to defer these payments for three months as you requested in an effort to assist Mesa and Air Midwest, Inc. with their cash flow situation. The City of Manhattan has enjoyed a good relationship with Mesa particularly over the past 18 months, and the City hopes this valued partnership will continue. It is important that Mesa recover from this situation quickly so service to Manhattan can resume at the pre September 11 level.

It is my understanding that the Air Midwest flight schedule for Manhattan will return to normal on November 4, 2001. I appreciate Greg Stephens working with my Airport Director, Ken Black, to restore the schedule.

In summary, the City of Manhattan will honor Mesa’s request. Please feel free to contact Ken Black or me should you require any additional assistance.

Sincerely, Ron R. Fehr City Manager