Vehicle Bids Stays Local

At the September 17th Riley County Law Enforcement Agency Board meeting, the board approved the purchase of 12 new vehicles. All of the vehicles were purchased localy.

Most government agencies will send bids to a dealers in a large area to get competitive bids. Riley County Police officials told the Free Press that that did not go out for bids outside of the Manhattan area because they did not want to drive 60 miles for Service.

A check with Riley County officials found that they both send bid requests to all dealerships in Kansas. And service? All vehicles are serviced in Manhattan.

Here are the bids:

Seven (7) marked patrol units, one (1) unmarked patrol unit, two (2) SUV units, and two (2) mini vans replacing the full size vans. Staff recommended Dick Edwards Ford be awarded the contract for the purchase of 2 police 4WD SUV vehicles for a total of $46,236.00.

Jon Murdock Chevrolet was awarded 7 police patrol units at $139,674.08, 1 unmarked patrol unit at $19,781.44 and 2 passenger vans at $38,752.50. Total Bid is $198,208.02.