October 26, 2000

K-State 28, Texas Tech 23 Game Review

By Ben Brake

Sports Editor

Has anybody seen the Kansas State football team?

Kansas State didnít show up until the middle of the 2nd quarter and it only seemed like a portion of them decided
to play. This is the same Texas Tech team that was annihilated by Nebraska 56-3. Kansas Stateís receivers for
the second straight game were dropping passes in critical situations. The receivers did start doing a better job as
the game went on. Jonathan Beasley went 13 of 25 for 160 yards and 2 interceptions.

The offensive lines had a rough game by allowing a critical sack in the end zone for a safety, inconsistent in
providing holes for the running game, and had several penalties during the game.

The play calling for the Wildcats seemed very conservative and very predictable. There were very few calls to
keep the Red Raider defense on their feet. They didnít start taking full advantage of the halfback until the 4th
quarter when they would lead Cartwright in front of Scobey, which led to a touchdown in just a few big plays.

What can I say about the defense? They were so inconsistent and only had their head in the game for part of the
time. Dyshod Carter was burned on several big plays and they kept going back to him on the fade route. He did
manage to have one interception and was the special teams player to recover the onside kick to put the game to

If K-State plays at this same level against Texas A&M they will more than likely be coming home with another
loss. These last two games were definitely not typical of K-State and hope to see them playing better this coming