Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Sports Editor

Theyíre Down But Not Out!

The Kansas State Wildcats are looking like a different team than the team that started the season. They are not looking like
the number 10 team in the country and barely a top 25 team. The last 2 games they appeared to have a lack of concentration
and very unorganized. They are their own worst enemy and beating themselves. They are dropping more passes than a drunk
would to a cheerleader in Aggieville on Saturday night. These arenít the difficult passes that you have to work for; these are
the passes that hit you right in the numbers, the ole breadbasket. What is really amazing, the ones dropping the passes are
some of the best receivers in the country.

The defense is responding just as poorly as the offense. The open field tackles arenít being made, the secondary isnít
covering the receivers like they should, and the effort just seems to be missing. This also, is coming from one of the best
defenses in the country.

The Texas Tech game reminded me of the Alamo Bowl against Purdue in 1998. That was when K-State then ranked #4 in
the country was rejected by the BCS and had to take a lesser Alamo Bowl. The result was a loss to a non-ranked Purdue
team in the final minute of the game. What reminded me of the game was the morale of the players after a disappointing loss.
In 1998 K-State just had to beat Texas A&M in the Big Twelve Championship game to play for a national title. KSU lost in
the final quarter and then was kicked in the face by the Bowl Championship Series committee and not given a BCS bowl bid.
This year OU delivered the punch and had a narrow victory over Texas Tech in Manhattan.

Have no fear! K-State will bounce back this week against Texas A&M and deliver a one, two punch to the Aggies. You can
be assured that the K-State coaching staff is fully aware of what is going on. They will get the players motivated again and be
right back on track. K-State will be the elite team they started off being at the beginning of the season.

The GREATEST part of this whole thing is...We are down and out over being 7-1 and not 1-7. Those of us that remember
the football teams of the 70ís and 80ís gotta love it!

Have a GREAT Wildcat day!