October 5, 2000

Kansas State Vs. Colorado Game Review

By Ben Brake

KSU 44    CU 21

Quarterback Jonathan Beasley engineered another fantastic game against Colorado. Jonathan went 15 of 26 for 293 yards
and no interceptions; he also led the team in rushing going 14 carries for 68 yards. If heís not careful he will land himself right
on the Heisman watch and be a contender at the seasons end. I couldnít think of a more deserving player than Jonathan.
Aaron Lockett had a very good game with two 50-yard plays and a touchdown. Lockett had a punt return for 50 yards on
his first return; which convinced Coach Barnett to have his team break the 2-yard halo rule when the punt returner catches
the ball. He also had a 49-yard pass reception to add to his totals of 109 all-purpose yards.

K-State finished the game off by halftime and went very conservative in the second half. The defense was very conservative
in the second half that allowed Colorado to have some decent numbers on offense. True freshman quarterback Craig Ochs
(Brother of former K-State players Derk and Travis) made his college debut against K-State (a little ironic?). He was very
impressive with completing 15 of 14 for 208 yards with 1 interception, 1 passing touchdown, and one rushing.

It turned out that all the tough games that Gary Barnett had scheduled for a non-conference schedule didnít do him a bit of
good against the Wildcats, or did it? K-State is 5-0 for the season and CU is 0-4.