November 11, 1999

Cost Of County Building Going Up

The Riley County Commission learned Monday that the remodeling of the Riley
County Annex Building will cost a lot more that they had planned.
Robin Cook, Counselor's Finance Assistant told the Commission that
$618,000.00 approved by the Commission to do the remodeling will not cover
the cost.
Cook said that new furniture was not added into the cost of construction
and the County will need another $175,000. Cook also said that wiring for
computers and phones will cost another $50,000.
Riley County Treasurer Eileen King told the Commissioners that the
furniture moved to the temporary office building will stay at the fourth
street building and the County will not purchase new furniture for that
It cost the County $100,000 to move the County Treasure's Office and the
County Clerk's Office to the fourth street building.
The Commissioners said they would have to take the $225,000 from next years
Capital Improvements Program fund and put off several CIP items.