November 11, 1999

Old Jail To Be Returned To City

The City of Manhattan has received a letter for the Riley County Commission
telling them the County will return the old jail to the city in 2000.
Here is a letter the Commission received from Riley County Commission
Chairman Bob Newsome:

Dear Mayor Reitz,
In 1940 a Manhattan City resolution gave to Riley County all "control,
dominion and possession" of the following property:
A square in the City of Manhattan, Riley county, Kansas, bounded as
follows: On the north by Pierre Street, on the east by Sixth Street, on the
south by Colorado Street and on the west by South Juliette Avenue,
hereinafter referred to as the "Public Square."
The right of possession was to continue so long as the County used the
property for public purposes. The County is now and has for many years used
this property as a county jail.
This letter is notification to you that Riley County intends to relinquish
possession of this property to the City sometime in the year 2000.  The
exact time of relinquishment is contingent upon completion of the
construction of the Riley County Law Enforcement Center, vacation of the
property by all Riley County Police Department  personnel, and removal of
all County property. Riley County suggests ownership of personal property
and fixtures should be as shown by enclosed Property List, which I
understand has been reviewed and approved by City staff.
The purpose of this letter is to provide you with advance notice of the
County's decision in order to allow sufficient opportunity for you to
develop your own plans for use of the property.
Please contact Stan Morgan, Riley County Counselor, 785-565-6845, if you
have any questions.
Bob Newsome