November 16, 2000

Hell Froze Over, Again

By Ben Brake

Sports Editor

NU- 28 KSU-29

It always seemed like hell would have to freeze over before K-State would beat Nebraska. K-State has won the
last 2 meetings in Manhattan, but this time Mother Nature let everybody know that it was getting chilly down in
Satanís den. With a wind chill of 17 degrees at the start of the game combined with wind, rain, sleet, and snow the
Kansas State fans could not have had a better game. The 53,811 record setting fans did an outstanding job
keeping Nebraska deaf on the field while on offense. There were numerous times when you could see that NU
Quarterback Eric Crouch had a difficult time with the noise.

What can a person say about this game? It was simply AWSOME!

The K-State offense sputtered at times, but who doesnít against Nebraska! If you look at KSU Quarterback
Jonathan Beasleys numbers you would think he had a pretty bad game. Beasley went 12 of 36 with 1 interception
for 234 yards. Those were great totals, they could have been 2 of 13 with 1 interception for 39 yards which were
Eric Crouches numbers for the game. Eric Crouch was also held to 42 yards rushing on 17 carries and Beasley
had 26 yards on 8 carries. So, Beasley had some great numbers against this Cornhusker defense comparatively
speaking of course. Nebraska was also held to 11 first downs for the entire game and K-State had 17.

Kansas Stateís defense did an outstanding job throughout the game except for the start of the 4th quarter when
they allowed Nebraska to score twice in just a little over 5 minutes to take the lead. Nebraska only had 105 total
yards going into the 4th quarter, but ended the game with a total of 239 yards. K-State tightened their defense
after those two scoring drives which allowed K-State to hold on to a win after pulling ahead 29 to 28 on Quincy
Morganís 12 yard reception for a touchdown with 2:52 left in the game.

To give you some idea of what kind of game Quincy Morgan had, all the receptions combined from all the other
players on both teams equaled 74 yards, Morgan had 199 yards. Quincy was only 40 yards shy of matching
Nebraska total offensive yards for the game also. Great job Quincy!

I also thought it was very nice of the Nebraska coaching staff to take their final time out with about 40 seconds
left in the game so the K-State fans could enjoy the victory just a little bit longer. WOW! What a GREAT game!