November 2, 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Where Do We Go From Here?

Kansas State is in a slump and everybody is feeling it. The players feel bad because their chances of a national title are out
the window, they have let themselves down, the coaches down and they have let the fans down. The fans feel bad because
their team is suffering and they had hopes to watch their team get the national title they have worked hard for. The coaches
feel bad because they are having a tough time getting the team out of the slump.

They now are left with a couple of choices in regards to the season. The first choice is that they can just throw in the towel.
They can give up and not worry about the rest of the season. If they do this year will seem so much easier. They wonít have
to work hard at practice, they wonít have to learn any new plays, they can start spending more time on their studies, and they
can avoid any minor or serious injury. It appears that this has been the choice selected in the last couple weeks since the loss
to Oklahoma. They have not had any spring in their step, they have not played with their head in the game, and they definitely
havenít been putting forth the effort that has been needed.

Or they can choose choice number two, which is a lot more difficult. They can choose to salvage the rest of the season and
try to win the Big Twelve Championship game to get a BCS bowl bid. They will have to work harder in practice, forget
about the two losses, motivate themselves to eliminate the mental mistakes, and quit feeling sorry for themselves so they can
demolish the rest of the opponents for the rest of the season.

They were on a mission at the beginning of the year and everybody saw it and knew K-State meant business. Well, they still
have a mission; itís just changed a little bit. They need to set their goal for the Big Twelve Title and not the national title. They
need to get that same aggression back that they had at the beginning of the season. They need to get on the field and look at
the opponent and say, "Hey, YOU SLAPPED MY SISTER!" They need to get fired up every play of every quarter in every
game and make their opponent think that their sister had been slapped when the game is over.


Have a great Wildcat day!