Texas A&M Drops Kansas State 26-10

By Ben Brake

Kansas State had a disappointing loss to the Aggies last weekend. The Wildcats didnít seem to be in the game from the
beginning. The play calling on offense seemed very conservative and predictable. This was the first time since 1996 that the
Wildcats were scoreless in the first half. Quarterback Jonathan Beasley wasnít as accurate as he should have been and the
receivers dropped several passes for the third week in a row.

Texas A&Mís defense did a very good job disrupting the plays and being in position. They were able to keep Beasley out of
sequence and non-productive. The A&M defense was very impressive during the whole game, but not unbeatable.

Kansas States defense would put pressure at times on Texas A&Mís quarterback, but was not continuous. It seemed like
the Wildcats would go into a conservative zone defense on third downs and A&M would take advantage of the gift they
received from the KSU defense. This is the third week in a row it seems K-State has used zone defenses and rushed three or
four linemen for the pressure on the quarterback on third downs. Most teams when itís third and long will send everybody
including the waterboy to make the opponent dump off for little or no gain. K-Stateís defense has not been acting like the
merciless defense of the past, not ever close.

Texas A&M also had the twelfth man in their favor. The crowd is the twelfth man and is very effective at College Station.
They make it very difficult to hear let alone think. Their fans did a great job in keeping the noise level very high when the
Wildcats were on offense. Kansas State is now 19th in the AP and 15 in the coachís poll.