November 23, 2000

K-State Hands Missouri 28-24 Loss

By Ben Brake

Sports Editor

KSU 28 MU 24

Missouri and K-State fought hard to keep MU Coach Larry Smith his job last Saturday. Coach Smith lost his job
last weekend after the valiant performance from his team and a very sad showing from K-State.

Kansas State had a poor performance from the offense, conservative play from the defense, and a very sloppy
showing from the special teams.

KSU Quarterback Jonathan Beasley had 9 of 20 passes completed for 158 yards with 1 interception. The team
had a total of 155 rushing yards on 55 carries. There was also some question to the play calling. K-State had 3
down and 26 yards to go so they send Josh Scobey darting right up the gut for a one-yard gain. That was just one
of several that seemed to be real questionable, but then again, hindsight is always perfect.

K-Stateís defense for the most part was very conservative. When K-State would put pressure on Missouriís
quarterback they were very productive on stopping anything they wanted to do. But, when they would stay in the
zone defense and just rush 4 or 5 MU was able to gain yards and march up the field. If this is the kind of defense
that they are preparing to use against OU then we are in a heap of trouble come Dec. 2nd.

K-Stateís Special Teams had one thing positive and that was Aaron Lockettís punt return capabilities which
earned him Big 12 special teams player of the week. DE Chris Johnson also received defensive player of the
week in the Big 12 for his 4 sacks, fumble recovery, and a pass broken up.

Kansas State had its 3rd punt block in as many games, a couple bad snaps to the holder for field goals, and poor
blocking on the line. They will need to pay some special attention to the special teams during the off period
before the next game. The game was not very impressive, but they did just enough to carry K-State to a victory.

K-State has a ton of work to do before they play OU in the Big 12 Championship game. If they play OU anywhere
like they played Missouri this weekend they will get their hind end spanked all over the playing field.