Novembe 23, 2000

The City Is In A TIF

The City of Manhattan held a public hearing on a proposal by Plaza Manhattan, LLC for two TIF District on Manhattan's east side. Owners
came out of the woodwork to be heard, but they weren't.

The Commissioners passed the request by a 5-0 vote.

The same organization asked for a Third Street TIF District last summer by the Riley County Commission voted it down. This request will go
before the same County Commissioner again and also Pottawatomie County Commission and USD 383.

Bernie Butler part owner of the Pizza Hut on north third street told the Commission: "We opposed the TIF for a number of reasons the last
time around. We don't think it is right to use taxpayers money to build retail business and we certainly don't think it's right for a handful of
people to make decisions concerning other people's land and taxes without taking it to a vote of the public."

Butler went on to say: "In dealing with TIF, the City Commission, while appearing to deal in good faith, has shown utter disregard for
people's property, both commercial and residential. We believe it is wrong to use tax increment financing or taxpayers money to forcibly take
privately owned property and give it to a non-Manhattan resident for the development of retail business."

Butler said: "We ask that the development of the 3rd Street corridor be done the way that all other businesses on 3rd Street as well as
everyone else in town has done - and that is the "old fashioned" way between willing buyers and sellers using conventional financing, rather
than through subsidy schemes that use governmental authority to subvert private property rights."

"I don't really want to pay additional taxes, particularly taxes that would finance a development that could encourage competition that would
threaten my business and devalue my real estate."