November 30, 2000

Lee School Accredited Under State Improvement System

Kansas State Board of Education chair Harold Voth announced that Lee Elementary School has earned accreditation under the state board’s
continuous improvement system.

Lee Elementary successfully completed its second cycle of Quality Performance Accreditation. The state board took action at its November
14, 2000, meeting in Topeka to officially grant Lee Elementary a five-year accreditation status.

"Congratulations are due to schools earning accreditation under the state’s school improvement system," Voth said. "A school earning an
accredited status under Quality Performance Accreditation means that school is a place where educators and students are actively engaged
in the teaching and learning process."

Earning accreditation by the state board of education includes a site visit to the school by state and local education officials to review
progress in the areas targeted for improvement in each school’s locally-developed improvement plan. The education officials on the visiting
team submit a report to the state board of education along with a recommendation regarding accreditation status. Later, the state board
reviews the recommendation for action.

"Because of the high standards we have for our schools, successfully completing the accreditation process is never an easy task," Voth said.
"Lee Elementary School has set an example for others. Those people involved with the school improvement process have shown that even
good schools can continue to get better."

Lee Elementary implemented a variety of school improvement strategies which enabled the school to earn accreditation status. State
education officials highlighted a number of the school’s strengths including staff involvement, support of parents and community, and
student leadership roles within the school.

Lee Elementary will begin the third cycle of Quality Performance Accreditation by continuing to implement its school improvement plan.