Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Sports Editor

Kansas State has a second chance to beat OU on December 2 in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. K-State looked awful on
the first showing against Oklahoma on October 14 of this year. They are looking forward to the rematch and hope to take them out
of the national title hunt just like Oklahoma did to K-State.

This is also a good chance for K-State to get into a BCS bowl without having the non-bias BCS committee (yeah, right!) turn them
down. KSU can get an automatic bowl bid to the Fiesta bowl if and only if they deliver a defeat to undefeated Oklahoma.

This could be a two way in your face game for the Wildcats. It could be a real nice pay back for Oklahoma and the BCS.
Oklahoma is guaranteed to go to the Orange Bowl if they beat K-State in Kansas City; Knocking Oklahoma out of the Orange
Bowl and send them to the Sugar Bowl would be ...... SWEET! Also being rewarded with the Fiesta Bowl would be a nice treat
also, because the BCS committee couldnít wave their magic wand and put in Michigan or anybody else in K-Stateís place again.

There is only one problem though; Kansas State has to beat Oklahoma. They have to be ready mentally to deliver everything they
have to OU and send them home with their tail between their legs. They need to remember what it was like when Oklahoma came
into Wagner Field and beat them on their own turf. They need to remember it was Oklahoma that gave them their first loss of the
season and started the tailspin. The players need to get motivated and not intimidated. They need show the Sooners they are
better and capable of handing them their first defeat. Come Sunday morning those Sooner players need to wake up to their
motherís Powercat pancakes and their sister humming the Wabash Cannonball.

K-State is #1 in the North, now they need to be #1 in the Big 12.