November 4, 1999

Recall Petition Signers Names Listed On Net
By Jon A. Brake
The names of more than 2,000 citizens who signed the Karen McCullogh recall
petition have been listed on the Internet.
The League of Women Voters, who claim to be nonpartisan, announced in their
November News Letter: ďAs a public service we are making it (the list)
accessible on the internet at the site:
Future petitions for lower taxes, lower water and sewer rates, and other
issues will have a very hard time getting signatures. Members today told
the Free Press that they did not know if the League would put future
petitions on their wed site.
The July 8, 1999 issue of the Manhattan Free Press reported that several
organizations had many of the same members.  Manhattan Alliance for Peace &
Justice members are also strong in the League of Women Voters, the ACLU,
Speak United, and Sustainable Manhattan.
Three City Commissioners, Karen McCulloh, Bruce Snead and Carol Peak are
listed as Advisors to Sustainable Manhattan. Snead and Peak are officers in
the organization.
Sustainable Manhattan gave a $550 grant to the Flinthills Living Wage
Coalition to conduct a Living Wage Workshop. Commissioners McCulloh, Snead
and Peak attended the Workshop.
The League lists Mary Jo Murphy as the Chairperson for the Committee to
study the Living Wage Issue. Murphy is the Manhattan Alliance for Peace &
Justice Coordinator and organizer of the Flint Hills Living Wage Campaign.
She also works for Speak United an organization for residents of public

How can the League be nonpartisan on the Living Wage Issue if their study
is chaired by the person running the Living Wage campaign?
How can the League be nonpartisan on the Karen McCulloh recall election if
they use their web site to destory the petition process?