Pesaresi: We Can Cut $1.6 to $1.9 Million

Walt Pesaresi has been doing his homework. Pesaresi told the Manhattan School Board Tuesday night that he has a plan that will cut from $1.6 to $1.9 million from next years budget. Several on the Board wanted to look at the plan but it was not passed out to the Board.

Here is Pearesi's plan:

1. Without eliminating significant curriculum offerings and numerous extra curriculum activities (sports, music, etc. at all levels) I do not see us attaining permanent cost saving to reach the 1.5 - 2 million dollars this year without closing 2 schools. One point stressed at the Kansas State School Board meeting (11/01/01-Great Bend) was, it is impossible to achieve significant saving without closing a building.

2. With the projected continued decline in population and student enrollment we will need to look ahead and start planning additional closings and cuts for the next several years.[ 7 -12 grades as the decline moves up] By 2004 the districts enrollment will be that of 1964.

3. I do not believe we should eliminate an assistant superintendent at this time. We have a major reconstruction to do next year if we close 2 elementary schools. It is imperative that this be a smooth transition. Program changes, new school boundary lines, numerous teachers changing schools, plus all the other work and emotions associated with school closures, what we need is a strong administrative staff. This needs to be accomplished by the current employees. But if the declines hold true and we go back to the 1964 levels then in 2-3 years we will need to downsize the central administration and eliminate one of those positions. Additional central office staff will also have to be cut to reflect a smaller school district.

4. Eliminate all 2 year administrative contracts. It is important to be able to keep all options open in declining enrollment and downsizing the school district.

As we are downsizing, we need to look at the central warehouse and see if we are really saving money or if it is really costing us money to stock supplies and have several employees. How much inventory do we have? What is the turn over rate? Extra supplies really cost money if not used in a timely manner. Most (local) suppliers will deliver to the schools on a weekly bases freight free and with a discount. I agree there are some items such as paper that make sense to purchase in large quantities but we need to take a close look at this area.

I do not think raising the LOB should be done until all possible savings are accomplished. With the fact we are in an election year we can look for very little help for at least two years from Topeka. We might need the LOB in the next few years so we need to be very cautious in using it.

I have proposed $1.67 - $1.9 Million in Savings without making major cuts to programs and instruction. We will need to make additional cuts in order to be able to give teachers and staff a small pay increase. Staff reduction recommendations are NOT personal but rather the position needs to be reduced.

Cost saving ideas (cuts and reductions) Savings

5. Close 2 elementary schools $564,000 -750,000

6. At least 5 elementary positions 215,000

7. Director of Communications 34,000

8. 1 position in Curriculum & Staff (Ed. Cent.) 40,000

9. 4 - 6 Secondary Positions 140,000 - 210,000

10. 1 assistant Principal at Middle Schools 50,000 (both would have 1/2 time position)

11. 3-5 copy machines (highest cost/copy) 25,000 - 35,000

12. Cut school calendar by 7-10 days (Aug. Heat) 150,000 13. Cut administrative & staff travel by 25,000

14. Eliminate assisting teachers at the elementary 100,000

15. 1/2 time warehouse staff 20,000

16. Curriculum & Development 20,000

17. Substitutes : Staff development &workshops 26,000

18. Consultants 15,000

19. Postage & Supplies 17,000

20. Reduce utilities and watering 80,000

21. TLC 5% reduction 40,000

22. Eliminate substitute workshops 10,000

23. Building allocations Curriculum &Inst. 20,000

24. Reduce computer aides 47,500

25. Student Activity travel 15,000

26. Elementary Instructional supplies 10,000

27. Secondary Instructional supplies 10,000

28. Sub. Line 12 fewer teachers ($65 x 10days) 7,800


$1,670,700.00 $1,936,700.00