College Hill School Can Not Be Sold

Wednesday night the Manhatan School Board received a legal opionion from their attorney Richard Seaton that the College Hills School tract can not be sold.

The District Board is looking at ways of saving money for next years Budget. Closing and selling school buildings is one way of helping the Budget.

Here is what Seaton said in his openion:

"This confirms our telephone conversation of today. Based on the recitations in the 1973 contract with Florence H. Walker, it appears that this tract is subject to a reversionary clause in favor ofthe heirs of G.W. Higinbotham and Adelia A Higinbotham, in the event it is no longer used for school purposes. Thus, we could not sell it and give good title to a buyer."

Lee Stutzman, with Charlson and Wilson Bonded Abstracter, Inc. said their firm agrees with Mr. Seaton, the distrcit can not sell the land.