"The Crucible" Set For McCain

Kansas State University Theatre will be presenting Arthur Millerís "The Crucible" in McCain Auditorium Nov. 8 through Nov. 10. Showtimes are 8 p.m. each day.

According to Marci Maullar, K-State professor and managing director of K-State Theatre, the play reveals themes of power, conformity and peer pressure told through the story of the 17th century Salem witch trials.

"The Crucible" begins with the young daughter of a local Reverend becoming ill. He believes that she has been overtaken by witchcraft. After finding her in the woods dancing with local girls and a slave, he thinks she can no longer stand to hear the word of God. This is when the accusations of allegiance with Satan begin. In the end, innocent people claim to be witches to avoid the fate of the damned. To save their lives, they had to admit to aligning with Satan and then name others of the same path. The witch trials leave the village in disarray, affecting everyone and ruining many lives.

Maullar said the idea of the play is taken from the "red scare" of the Joseph McCarthy hearings in the 1950s. During this time, fear ruined many lives as false allegations of communism were made. Similarly, in the play, many lives are ruined by the accusations of witchcraft made by the young girls. Absolute power takes control and fear is spread throughout the small village. "The Crucible" symbolizes the trials and the importance of knowing what to do against great adversity.

Director Charlotte MacFarland, associate professor of theater, will lead a cast of 22 K-State students. The scenic designer is Michael Reese, Dana Pinkston is costume designer, Robert W. Welk is lighting designer and Samantha Hood is stage manager. Original music is composed by Michael MacFarland.

The cast for "The Crucible" includes:

Erin Fast, senior in theater, Ashland, as Rebecca Nurse; Kat Aguirre, senior in theater, Chapman, as Mercy Lewis; Amanda Moon, senior in theater, Concordia, as Mrs. Ann Putnam; J.J. Wickham, sophomore in theater, Fredonia, as Susanna Walcott.

Paul Creekmore, sophomore in theater and electrical engineering, Haysville, as John Willard; Benaiah Anderson, junior in theater, Humbolt, as Francis Nurse; Tyler Lansdown, senior in theater, 2000 East 35th, Hutchinson, as Giles Corey; Chantel Green, junior in theater, Junction City, as Tituba.

From Greater Kansas City: Piper Child, sophomore in secondary education and English, 19915 West 111th St., Olathe, as Betty Parris; Brian Karlin, senior in accounting, 10328 Cody, Overland Park, as Reverend Parris.

Rebecca E. Butler, freshman in theater, Lansing, as Mary Warren; Jordan Krause, freshman in English and creative writing, Lincolnville, as Ezekiel Cheever; Adam Mason, sophomore in theater, Lyons, as Hopkins.

From Manhattan: Fidel Amos, sophomore in public relations and theater, as Judge Hawthorne.

Ryan Mott, junior in open option, Pratt, as John Proctor; Garrett A. Gottschalk, senior in theater, 862 S. 10th, Salina, as Thomas Putnam; George J. Stavropoulos, sophomore in theater performance, 2924 Karen Court, Salina, as Reverend John Hale;

From Topeka: Dan Heinz, junior in theater, 3906 S.E. 32nd St., as Deputy-Governor Danforth; Virginia B. Pape, sophomore in speech and theater education, 8001 S.W. 22 Terrace, as Sarah Good.

Rebekah Dryden, senior in theater, 340 N. Fountain St., Wichita, as Abigal Williams.

Alyson Schacherer, graduate student in theater, 1611 Chalstrom Beach, Okoboji, Iowa, as Elizabeth Proctor.

Tickets are available through the McCain box office from noon to 5 p.m. weekdays, or by calling 785-532-6528. Prices are $6 for students and seniors and $10 for the general public. Group rates are available.









Tyler Lansdowne, 200 East 35th, Hutchinson, attended high school at Buhler High School in Buhler.

Beanie Anderson, Humbolt, attended high school at Enterprise Academy in Enterprise.

Garrett Gottschalk, 862 S. 10, Salina, is the son of Alan Gottschalk of Hays.

Jordan Krause, Lincolnville, is the son of Kenna Krause of Hillsboro.

Rebecca E. Butler, Lansing, is the daughter of Daniel and Margaret Butler of Leavenworth.

Rebekah Dryden, 340 N. Fountain St., Wichita, is the daughter of Peter Scott of 2711 Wilma, Wichita.

Alyson Schacherer, 1611 Chalstrom Beach, Okoboji, Iowa, is the daughter of Jerry Schacherer of 3961 250th St., Esterville, Iowa.

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