November 9, 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

What Team Will Show?

The big question for this Saturdayís game is which K-State team will show up to play. Will it be the awesome almost flawless team the
demolished KU, Ball State, Iowa State, Colorado, Louisiana Tech, and North Texas? Or will we see the team that showed up for the Iowa,
Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M game?

K-State started off the season against Iowa pretty laid back. They werenít impressive during the game, but they came through with a win.
After that they came out literally annihilating their opponents making a statement to the country that K-State is for real. Then Oklahoma came
to town to show the country they too are for real. The Wildcats put on their worst performance since the Purdue game in 1998. Wide-open
receivers dropped several passes, blockers werenít blocking, and tacklers were out to lunch. It almost appeared that the Bad News Bears took
over the football team. This went on for three weeks. Texas Tech should have been a blow out, but was a very close game to the end. The
Texas A&M game was dominated by A&M with K-State looking like a team that had never been in the top 25.

All of the sudden last weekend the alarm clock woke the team up. A very impressive Iowa State team that was showing the country that they
are proving to be a team on the up rise was destroyed by K-State. K-State spanked the ISU playerís brothers, slapped their mothers and well,
sis has been singing the Wabash Cannonball when she wakes up in the morning.

Depending on which team shows up will determine the type of game there will be. I am guessing, this is just purely a guess; momís in
Nebraska just might be making Powercat pancakes for breakfast humming the Wabash!

Have a Great Wildcat Day and Iíll see you at the game!