County Receives Near-Year-End Report

Riley County Clerk Rich Vargo gave the Riley County Commission a Near-Year-End report on County spending last week. With one month to go the County has spent $299,537.06 more in 2001 General Fund than they spent in 2000.

Only nine of the twentysix accounts have spent less than last year. In the twentysix accounts outside the General Fund fourteen were less than last year. In 2000 the Law Enforcement Center account was still being used for the construction of the new jail. That is the reason $2.5 million less has been spent in that account.

Vargo also gave the Commission a report on the 2001 Year-to-Date Compared to the Budget. Vargo said this report was to show how the departments were doing on overtime wages. The Budget called for 3% of each department to be in overtime. Six department exceeded that percentage. The County Attorney office has spent 5.49% on overtime. Others are: Parks 6.47%; GIS 9.64%; Information Systems 11.62%; Road & Bridge 4.21% and Waste Management 7.44%.

Vargo said the total County overtime wages figure is 2.75%. Total Budget for regurlar wages is $5.492,732.00. As of November 30 the County has paid out $4,996,771.63