Superintendent's Salary Defies Common Sense


By Jon A. Brake

The Manhattan School Board has made the decision to pay the next Superintendent of schools $140,000 a year.
Another $10,000 to $13,000 will be paid for fringe benefits. The School Board although well meaning has made a
grave mistake. That salary defies common sense.

This year enrollment was down 251 students. The school district has declined in enrollment every year for the past
seven years. The State pays less money to the district because of lower enrollment.

For the past four months the School Board has been telling the public that they will be cutting staff and may close one
or more schools. Money is a problem for the Board and for the District. It is a big problem.

According to State records given to the Board last week Manhattan dropped 51 students between the 1998-99 school
year and the 1999-2000 school year, but at the same time the district added 34 teachers.

It appears the Board has a history of defying common sense. Look at the chart to the right. Manhattan's
Superintendent will be earning more money than two State University Presidents. That is not right. The Board needs
to hear from you, the taxpayer.