Forty-Six MHS Students Named To Honors Program

Forty-six Manhattan High School students have been selected for the Kansas Honors Program. The Kansas Honors Program is sponsored
by Capitol Federal Savings; the late Henry Bubb, and Jack and Betty Dicus.

MHS students honored include Cheen Alkhatib, Bryan Allen, Fang An, Andrew Biberstein, Laura Blecha, Blake Bolan, Katherine Buel,
Rachel Carnes, Kelsey Carpenter, Sneha Chandra, Brandon Converse, Kelsey Dipman, Erin Doitchinoff, Shawn Dryden, Rachel Duff, Michael
Fenton, Regina Fleming, Catherine Flinchbaugh, Jennifer Fortney, Christopher Gregory, Emily Keating, Lynn Lee, Abbey Lindholm, Mariah
Lovgren, Kathleen Miller, Jennifer Murphy, Amber Nelson, Peter O’Donnell, Matthew Parker, Patrick Parker, Haley Rankin, Sarah Rice, Sarah
Schroeder, Sarah Schwandt, Callie Sexton, Sonder Smith, Jamie Springer, Bethany Steichen, Amy Stokka, Tyler Stone, Michael Townsend,
Adan Troup, Tyler Van Slyke, Christina Walter, Ashley Westmeyer and Clair Zeigler.

The purpose of the Kansas Honors Program is to assist Kansas University alumni in providing local recognition to Kansas high school
seniors for their outstanding academic achievements.

The Kansas Alumni Association asks high school principals across the state to provide names of all graduating seniors who rank
academically in the top 10 percent of their classes. Selections are based on academic records through the previous semester, regardless of
curricula, majors, occupational plans or higher-education goals.

The Alumni Association invites students and their parents, principals and superintendents to attend the Kansas Honors Program organized
by area alumni. At each program, students and school representatives are invited as guests of alumni. Principals present their Kansas Honor
Scholars, who receive certificates and special editions of The American Heritage Dictionary.