Sports Update

By Ben Brake

The Waiting, Game! Well, it seems like a long break until January 1, 2001 for the Cotton Bowl to get here. Then after the
Cotton Bowl the wait really begins. The Wildcats arenít scheduled to play the first game against USC until September 8,
2001. They have two open dates, one on September 1st and the other on September15th.

If weíre lucky they will fill the September 1st slot and we can have football a week earlier. When football is over for this year
there wonít be anymore excuses. No, Iím not talking about on the football field; Iím talking around the house.

There are some people that have surrendered their spouses and significant others during the football season so they could get
their fix of the sport. Well, the last day for the Wildcats football season will be New Years day and then the spouses can
have them back on the weekends again until next September.

You can get the garage and shed cleaned up that you neglected over the season. Maybe fix that leaky faucet or unclog that
drain. Whatever it is no more excuses until next year.

O.K, I guess I want to vent a little right now about something. Have you ever been watching a football game with somebody
that really doesnít care about the game or the teams that are playing and you do? Do they seem to want to find out your life
story during the last few minutes of a close game? I see this happen all the time and it just drives me nuts! When I was
married my wife would start a conversation with me when there would only be a few minutes left in a game, start vacuuming,
or just find a way to distract me towards the end of the game. I tried to complain, gripe and everything else but it never did
any good. She claimed this was purely unintentional, but it still used to really bug me so I had to show her what I meant. She
is a weather nut; she couldnít ever miss the weather when the News came on at night. This was the most important part of
her day. She would stop everything she was doing when the weather would come on in the evening and she would be
absorbed into the weather report.

Or, you could say it was the 4th quarter with 1 minute to go in the game K-State has the ball and is down by 4 points against
Nebraska. Yeah, you know where this is going! Well, one night right when the weather came on I just started shooting
questions at her right and left. "How was your day?" "What did you do today" "Arenít you going to pay attention to me?" "If
you really loved me, you would talk to me, itís only the weather!" "Is the weather more important than me?" No, I didnít
sleep well on the couch that night with one eye open! But, I did make my point.

PLEASE, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I am now single and can finally sleep with both eyes closed. Have a great
Wildcat weekend!