December 2, 1999

Vote Dec. 7

By Jon A. Brake
Wednesday, December 8, 1999 will be a new day. The sun will come up It will
be run, run, run at the Free Press to get the paper out, and the Recall
Election will be over. Finally!
A City Commissioner will be retained or removed from office according to
the will of the voters. Karen McCulloh was picked by the Recall Committee
for this election because she was the only commissioner that the law would
After a law suit by the ACLU, McCulloh, Bruce Snead and Carol Peak voted to
remove the Ten Commandments monolith from city property. Commissioner Ed
Klimek and Mayor Roger Reitz voted to keep the monolith. In September
Klimek was the only Commissioner to vote against paying the ACLU $12,000 to
drop the law suit.
This is no longer a fight over the Ten Commandments. It is not a question
of: "did she vote her conscience."  This is a fight to remove or retain a
City Commissioner.
The Citizens of Manhattan must vote as if Karen McCulloh was running for
re-election, because she is running for re-election.
The question is: "will McCulluh be the best choice for Manhattan?" The
voter must decide if she will lead this City in the direction they want it
to go. Or would someone else serve the City best.
We will have a vote of the people on Tuesday but this newspaper will not
support the recall of Bruce Snead or Carol Peak. This process must be over
with this election.