December 2, 1999

Treasurer Receives Designation

Riley County Treasurer Eileen King was conferred with the designation of
County Finance Executive at the Kansas Association of Counties annual
conference by Lieutenant Governor Gary Sherrer.  Eleven County Treasurers
received the  designation which represents four levels of education within
the Kansas County Treasurers Association education program. The designation
requires eight years of instruction and this was the first graduating class
under the new program.
The first level of instruction included general administrative courses
which focused on accounting, computers, finance fundamentals, personnel,
stress management, purchasing, planning, rules, regulations and Kansas
The second level concentrated on courses in cash management, investment
options, budgeting and audit analysis.  The information presented in these
classes should allow Treasurers to invest county funds more effectively
which reduces dependence on the property tax levy.
The third level courses dealt with special areas in public administration
with a particular interest in the exploration of human resources issues.
Much of the emphasis was on hiring, firing, dealing with difficult
employees, various kinds of discrimination and retaining good employees.
The fourth and final level involved the Treasurer participating in
exercises of team cooperation, public speaking, researching issues on the
internet and debating current events that effect county government.  The
course title was "Thinking out of the Box." Treasurer King said this
possibly was the most challenging learning experience since taking office
as Treasurer of Riley County.
A consensus conclusion from participates in the program was that the
consolidation of county offices as well as new revenue sources would be
important issues facing local governments in future years.
According to Haskell County Treasurer Nancy Weeks, Chairperson of the
Education Committee, "the County Finance Executive's education and training
program places the Treasurer in an excellent position to deal with the
tough issues that will affect County's now and well into the new
millennium.  County Treasurers are really no different than finance
officers in the private business sector.  As the financial market place
becomes more complex, County Treasurers will need to become better educated
to face the new challenges.  They must adjust to the new financial
environments and manage the monetary resources available as efficiently as
The Kansas County Treasurer's Certification Program was administered by the
Docking Institute of Fort Hays State University.