K-State Named To Top Three

Kansas State University ranked third in the top ten universities serving the meat and poultry industry, according to Meat & Poultry magazine.

"Recognition is great any time, however it is especially impressive by an external entity," said Jack Riley, animal sciences and industry department head. "Meat & Poultry is a highly respected publication within the circles of the industry. They established an independent ranking after consulting and interacting with industry."

Behind Texas A&M University and Iowa State University, K-State received honors for many programs offering educational and value added incentives. According to the report, K-State was "widely regarded as a top-notch institution for students pursuing a career in any facet of the meat and poultry processing industry. Few can deny [K-State’s] well-documented thrust in the areas of research and extension."

"The report relied on our strong focus concerning food safety with the quality, value and integrity of meat and poultry being produced," Riley said.

K-State Extension programs employ more than 300 research

scientists, 180 faculty specialists and 270 county and area specialists.