December 21, 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Jim Wooldridge and his basketball team are growing and learning together. Coach Wooldridge is implementing his "Triangle Offense" and is
getting his team familiar with the change. The Wildcatís have a 4-4 record and only have 3 more games until conference play starts. Donít
expect K-State to sweep the conference and head to the final four this year. In fact, I wouldnít even expect them to be in the top half of the
conference and forget about post season play.

I am not saying it canít happen; I am just saying donít start heading to Vegas to place any bets just yet. I donít believe this team has the
system down 100 percent and they have some bugs that need to be worked out. It is possible for the team to put it all together but it is highly

What I would like to see this K-State team do is play competitively and play as a team. Learn the system that Coach Wooldridge is teaching,
be patient, and bond together. Good things will happen in time. I just donít think it will be this year. They are doing just fine so far with a new
coach and a new system.

I expect K-State to be around 9th or 10th in the Big 12 Conference this year. If they turn out to be last in the Big Twelve I still wonít be
disappointed. I feel that anything better than 10th in the conference will be a bonus and if they make it to post season play I will be ecstatic.

What the team needs most is "YOU" to support them. K-Stateís football team wouldnít be where they are today without the fans and the
basketball team wonít make it there without "YOU" either. The fans are what drives the team, they are the purpose and the hope. Why does
everybody want the home field/court advantage? Because of the fans!

Donít expect too much too soon. Just give them the support they need and cheer them on. Eventually they will become a team that you will
be proud of.

Have a great Wildcat day!