Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Rumors Put to Rest

I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas.

Well, the Cotton Bowl is only a few days away and everybody should be getting ready for the trip to Texas to watch K-State play Tennessee.

I know everybody has heard the rumors about the people that go to school in Tennessee, you know, like banjo picken is a required course,
engineering is the different ways to build a trailer, and dental school students use dental molds with just one tooth.

I found out for a fact that these are merely just rumors. I have a sister-in-law (Cathy) that is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and
she claims she never had to learn banjo picken tíall (It might be an elective).

Cathy is a transplant from Kansas to Tennessee and chose to further her education while living in Tennessee. She is a very wonderful
sister-in-law and I am very fortunate to be related to her. I would like to wish Cathy and her twin sister Lisa a happy 37 birthday on December

I did ask Cathy which team she was going to be pulling for during the Cotton Bowl, but was unable to get a direct answer. She was nice
enough to give me her prediction of the game, which I will put next to mine in the game preview.

I was so worried when my brother Jahnnie, his wife Cathy, and my beautiful niece Ashley moved to Tennessee because of all those rumors
floating around. You see, I didnít know if my niece would ever be able to marry because she is an only child. I found out that was just a rumor

I am looking for a fun trip to Dallas and a very exciting game. I hope the stadium will be packed in purple again to show the team how proud
we are of them.

I hope everybody will be careful on New Years Eve and enjoy the game.

Have a Great Wildcat weekend!