Chamber Exceedes $1.7 Million Advantage Manhattan Campaign Goal

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it has met and exceeded its $1.7 million Advantage Manhattan campaign goal.

"As of this morning our pledges exceeded $2 million and that figure will continue to grow as we wait on the decision of nearly 70 Chamber members," said Roger Schultz, General Campaign Co-Chair, "We are exceedingly grateful to businesses for their substantial investment in our community."

The campaign will fund a new area-wide economic development program for 2002-2006.

"We think the level of investments speaks well of those committed to a strong regional economy," said Lyle Butler, President and CEO of the Chamber, "and we recognize the challenge before us - working with our partners to create jobs - substantial jobs that will keep our young people here and attract our graduates back."

"The business community has stepped to the plate and they collectively have hit a homerun. Over 175 businesses have invested in our future economic development efforts and have raised over $2 million," said Harry Watts, Vice President for Economic Development at the Chamber, "This is a significant statement from our business partners as we work together to create jobs."

"Fifteen investments were for $50,000 or more but the largest number of businesses pledged $250 a year. Last week’s telemarketing drive brought in 100 new investors and nearly $250,000 in pledges," said Watts.

The Advantage Manhattan campaign will fund economic development programs including Local Business Retention & Expansion, New Business Recruitment, Workforce Development and Communications and Marketing.

The campaign is Co-Chaired by Roger Schultz, President, Schultz Construction, Dennis Mullin, President, Steel and Pipe Supply and John Graham, President, Graham Capital Management.