December 7, 2000

Remodeling Would Cost $7 Million

By Jon A. Brake

The Riley County Commission just completed remodeling the first floor of the Administration Building and now
they have plans to remodel the second and third floors plus the old Southwestern Bell Building. They also plan to
work on the County Attorney Building. Cost? That will be $7 million to the taxpayers.

That is unless the Commissioners error like they did on the first floor project. The Commission approved a
$600,000 project but it cost more than a million to complete.

Brent Bowman and Associates gave the plans to the Commission on Monday. They call for $187,000 for the
County Attorney Building. More than $1.4 million to the Administration Building and $2.7 million to the Bell

Alternate plans call for another $408,000 for reroofing, and repair the east wall at 110 Courthouse Plaza, and
replacing windows in the Bell Building. Another $1.5 million is for miscellaneous.