December 7, 2000

Sports Update

By Ben Brake

Youíre All Invited!

So are the Kansas State Wildcats. Bill Snyder excepted an invitation to the 65th Cotton Bowl game on January 1, 2001. Kansas State will play
the Tennessee Volunteers at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas on New Years day.

This will be Kansas Stateís 2nd Cotton Bowl appearance, the first time was in 1997 when K-State lost a defensive battle to BYU 15-19. The
1997 Cotton Bowl had such a terrific turnout it caught the attention of other bowls around the country. They believed that Kansas State had
brought in the neighborhood of 45,000 fans to the game. But, those of us that were there would have to say that number seemed closer to
60,000 fans.

That place was packed in purple and with very little sign of the opponents fan support. The atmosphere there was just incredible. The
temperature was near 80 degrees, barbecues burning at every other tailgate in the parking lot, music playing, the aroma of hot-dogs, steaks,
and hamburgers filled the air. Oh, and there may have been a slight hint of alcohol, but it was very mild.

The Kansas State fans were into the game from the very beginning. I donít believe that anybody sat in his or her seat the entire game. It was
just a wonderful trip and the only thing that could have made it better would have been a Wildcat victory.

If you have the opportunity to make the trip to Dallas and see the game, donít miss it. I would bet that it would be the same type of
atmosphere and a whole lot of fun.

Have a great Wildcat day!