9 December 1999

Voters Reject Recall, Retain Commissioner McCulloh

The voters of Manhattan turned out in full force Tuesday and voted  3-2 to
retain City Commissioner Karen McCulloh. The vote was 2,649 yes and 4,400
no. A recall vote had been ordered after a petition was signed by more than
2,900 registered voters.
McCulloh and Commissioners Bruce Snead and Carol Peak voted to remove the
Ten Commandment monolith from in front of city hall.
After the votes were counted Tuesday night Recall Committee members: Don
Rose, Marvin Zentz and Stanley Hoerman make this statement: “The voters
have spoken and we respect the will of the majority. We ask that those who
opposed us and those who stood with us work hard for the good of the city,
county, state and nation.”

In the April 1999 City Election 6,258 people voted. In the last General
Election in Nov. 1998 12,454 voted in Riley County, 8,739 voted in
Manhattan. A total of 7,076 voted in this election.