03 Feb 00

Commandments New Home Construction To Start Friday

After more than seven months of careful planning and successful fund raising, Manhattan Christian College is set to begin
construction on Heritage Court, the new courtyard featuring the ten commandments monolith. The community is invited to
attend a brief groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, February 4 at 9:30 a.m. at 1415 Anderson Avenue.

"This has been a big team project led by our honorary co-chairs Ed Klimek and Roger Reitz. The response has been
heartwarming," said Kenneth Cable, president of Manhattan Christian College. "We believe that the ten commandments are
the cornerstone of our legal system and the foundation of our free society and we are thrilled that they will have a place of
honor on our campus and in our community."

More than 290 individuals, businesses, organizations, and churches have already joined together to contribute more than
$56,678 to cover construction expenses. Naming opportunities remain available for those who want to publicly show their
support of these values or want to make a gift in honor or in memory of family and friends.

Heritage Court will be located between Jolliffe Hall, the original building of the college, and J. Donald Coffin Memorial Hall,
the administration and classroom building. Native stone gates together with landscaping, lighting, flagpoles, and outdoor
benches will surround the display of the monolith which will face Anderson Avenue. This building project will be directed by
experienced architect and builder Charles L. Hall, a long-time resident of Manhattan. One of Mr. Hallís most visible local
projects was the design and construction of Peace Lutheran Church, the church he has attended for many years.

Heritage Court is designed so that individuals may come and reflect on the virtues promoted by the ten commandments, the
sacrifices of our distinguished service men and women, and the youth of Manhattan. Heritage Court will also be the showcase
for a new entrance to the Manhattan Christian College campus.

"We encourage everyone to watch our progress over the next few months," said Cable. "Depending on how much the
weather cooperates, we hope to complete Heritage Court and host a community-wide celebration and dedication service in